Questions About Maintenance Services Dubai?

Our company will do it’s best to send you an estimate within 24 hours.

With larger projects, receiving an estimate might take a little longer as there are more factors to consider and more work that must go into producing the proposal.

Our technical and project coordinators will make sure that we provide the best solution, and if need be, will contact you to get more details of the requirements.

If a design is involved, we may have to make one or two site visits to make sure we capture the concept you wish for.

With one driver and a technician being dispatched to reach your location, the minimum charge is AED 150.

Should you request for a repair to proceed, the charge would only increase by AED 50 for the first hour.

Succeeding hour would be at the rate of AED 150. Should the work get completed in less than an hour, you may ask our technician for any minor repair that can be done within the remaining time.

Should you decide that to get the work done with DST, the inspection charge would be waived and quotation for the actual job would be reduced by AED 150.

Services under AMC include ac maintenance, electrical, plumbing, minor carpentry, and even minor masonry. We can customize the inclusions for you depending on your preferred services.

For air conditioning system, we propose quarterly deep cleaning.

For electrical, plumbing, minor carpentry, and masonry, you could have once a year planned preventive maintenance (PPM).

You can either opt for limited or unlimited call outs. Whenever you need us, you can us.

Whether new or old unit, it is necessary to service it every three or four months.

Don’t wait until you get a foul smell whenever you turn on the unit. When that happens, there must be a build up of molds and other bacteria that produce the smell of a soiled rag. It is going to cause you to fall sick once you inhale these dirt and dust, and the bacteria that is blown through the vent once the system is turned on.

Remember, your health is your wealth. It is better to save health than wealth.