Quality Has a Price

Quality Has a Price

In Dubai or wherever part in the world, people may not realize it, but we are always paying for quality.

Price is important but it is not the only thing that should be considered in negotiation. It is wise to pay within the market rate, but it is wiser to get your money’s worth. And your hard-earned money is worth the best quality you could get.

One of our clients refused to award us a project that we discussed, inspected, cost estimated, and made an offer for. The price difference between us and another contractor was their deciding factor.

A couple of months later, the project was still not completed, system was not running at optimum efficiency, condition of parts was deteriorating, and the tension was high among all involved. We were called to save the day.

In our line of business, technical approach must be well-thought out, and all areas must be considered prior to declaring any firm solution. No compromise, no substandard, and no shortchanging the process, or quality will never be achieved.

So, remember, with DST, quality first.

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