Interlocking Service in Dubai

Interlock Flooring Service

project detail

One of our AMC clients called us for some home improvement works. We needed to break up the existing flooring and install an interlock. The design was decided and the color was chosen. The work got started and we got going. When our AMC client reached out to us for a home improvement project, we were ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. The task at hand was to transform the existing flooring by removing it and replacing it with a brand new interlock design. With a clear design blueprint and a carefully selected color palette, we set the wheels in motion.

Our team wasted no time in kicking off the project. Demolishing the old flooring was the first step, clearing the way for the transformation. Once the space was prepped, the installation of the interlock began, meticulously following the chosen design.

As the project progressed, we ensured every detail aligned with the client’s vision. The interlock not only added a touch of modern elegance but also enhanced the functionality of the space. It was a journey from a simple idea to a tangible, aesthetically pleasing reality, and our dedicated team took pride in making it happen.

Before Blocks


The challenge sometimes in the interlock work is when you need to do the work in a partial way to allow the residents to go in and out. However difficult or challenging it maybe, we accommodate such request and get the work done.

After Blocks


We got it done! The interlock was completed. Sanding and sealing was part of the process, including pressure washing.