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At DST, our Tiling Service is synonymous with craftsmanship and dedication. Last summer, we took on a transformative project in one of Dubai’s exclusive gated communities. The mission: to replace the existing sandstone with stunning porcelain tiles in a scorching summer heat.

This endeavor was no ordinary tiling project. Under the blazing sun, our skilled team overcame not only the physical challenge but also the need to take frequent breaks to avoid heatstroke. Despite the harsh conditions, we delivered a remarkable outcome, turning a mundane backyard into a masterpiece of beauty and functionality.

Our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to our clients shine through in every project we undertake. At DST, we embrace challenges as opportunities to showcase our skill and determination, ensuring that your tiling needs are met with the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Fix Tiling


Our team braved the heat and worked through a grueling summer. Our commitment to finishing the job is firm and our work ethic encourages us to pull through to complete the work.

After Tiling


Done! Tiling works, including fixing a kerb stone for the boundary plants was completed. Our motto is, in hot or cold season, the work carries on.