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Toilet Renovation

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At DST, our Toilet Renovation Services go beyond the ordinary. We understand that a full toilet renovation and fitout is not just about fixing fixtures; it’s about transforming a space into a beautiful and highly functional area.

Our process begins with thoughtful planning, led by our creative team, who excel at envisioning both aesthetics and functionality. We prioritize involving our skilled designers right from the conceptualization stage. By melding the client’s personal preferences and aspirations with our creative insights, we craft a vision that allows you to see exactly how your new toilet will look and function.

We believe that a renovated toilet is more than just a convenience; it’s a space where form meets function seamlessly. With DST, you can trust in a renovation experience that combines your unique desires with our professional expertise, resulting in a toilet that perfectly aligns with your style and needs. Explore the endless possibilities of toilet renovation with DST.

Plumbing Before
Before plumbing


Far from being appreciated the condition of a raw and rough finishes during the initial stage of a plumbing job.

After plumbing
After plumbing


Plumbing, masonry, electrical and project coordination went into action to get this project to completion. How do you like to enjoy your office with a well-designed toilet, and a shower to add to it. Our client’s wish is our command.